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ABCD Push Pull Split


First thing I want to mention is that I am not a Doctor and I am not certified in fitness in any way. I am just someone who has a hobby working out and posting things that I found work.

This is a copy of a workout I named A/B/C/D split. The reason is that there is 4 different workouts that you will alternate every couple weeks. For example week 1 you will do A / B / C and week two you will do D / A / B. The following two weeks would be C / D / A and B / C / D. I will explain it more later.

Workout A: Chest, Triceps, Quads, Shoulders
Bench Press
Incline Press
Kneeling Cable Triceps Extension
Barbell Walking Lunge
Military Press

Workout B: Back, Biceps, Hamstrings
Bent Over Rows
Pull Ups
Standing barbell curls
Incline Hammer curls
Leg Curls

Workout C: Chest, Triceps, Quads
Dumbell Bench Press
Close Grip Bench Press
Tricep Pushdown
Hang Cleans
Single Leg Press
Single Arm Linear Jammer

Workout D: Back, Biceps, Hamstrings
T-Bar with Handle
Pull Ups
Hammer Curls
Spider Curls
Romanian Deadlift with Dumbells
Natural Glute Ham Raise


This workout is best when you can rest a full day in between workouts. For me I do this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then repeat. If you don't like to give a full 2 days of rest over the weekend and have the ability to work out any day then it would be beneficial to just alternate the workouts every other day. The key here is that you just follow the workouts sequentially each time you work out. An example would be you would use Workout A on Monday, Workout B on Wednesday, Workout C on Friday. Then if you rest over the weekend then you would start with Workout D on Monday then back to A on Wednesday.


1.) You are incorporating a Push/Pull methodology.
2.) You are never resting more than 4 days before working those muscles again and doing more concentration and volume compared to a full body split.
3.) Your shoulders need less concentration due to other workouts also targeting the shoulders (bench press, tricep extensions etc).
4.) You are adhering to the idea that compound movements are superior to isolated exercises.
5.) You are using exercises rated 8 (mostly 9) or higher according to exercise database.


Use 3-4 sets per exercise with a warmup for major muscle groups (chest, back, quads).

Rep Range

Your rep range doesn't matter and be your choice. If you like high reps then do high reps and if you are going for strength I would suggest sticking to the 3-5 rep range. I would suggest switching it up each time you do a workout to keep your muscles guessing.